The first Russian developer and manufacturer of spare parts for pumping and compressor and other power equipment, as well as the main units and ready-made stations of AGNKS, PAGZ, MAGNKS, CNG, MKPG, MKS

A unique solution for the energy and chemical industries and mechanical engineering

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Free sketching

Departure of specialists to your enterprise to carry out work on reverse engineering, sketching for the subsequent development of documentation

Operational interaction

Technical support 24/7

Production of parts of any complexity

From 2 days according to the Customer's drawing or production of products and assemblies according to the drawings developed by the design bureau of LLC "Vector"

Increasing the time between overhaul intervals

Up to 12,000 operating hours of the compressor due to the application of an integrated approach to the selection of materials for the execution of critical units and advanced, innovative technologies for the production of products

87% of large enterprises in the petrochemical industry have already abandoned the use of imported spare parts and accessories

See what opportunities you are missing

Ability to reallocate funding to positions that really need attention

Up to 50% reduction in maintenance costs and avoidance of forced equipment downtime

In case of an urgent need, the possibility of prompt delivery of products by our own transport

From warehouse to warehouse - no delays at the distribution centers of transport companies

Conducting design surveys free of charge

Carrying out works on reverse engineering, sketching, development of design and technological documentation. Consultations of specialists at all stages of interaction

Increased overhaul period

Up to 12,000 operating hours of the compressor due to the use of innovative and, at the same time, proven product manufacturing technologies, as well as individual selection of the material composition of the rod and piston sealing elements

LLC "Vector" is a participant of the import substitution program in the field of energy and heavy engineering

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LTD «Romachka»

Putin V. V, director

Считаем полезным и перспективным рекомендовать сторонним

организациям сотрудничество с компанией ООО «Вектор»

по поставкам запасных частей для компрессора импортного

и российского производства, с целью увеличения межремонтных интервалов и сокращения

стоимости покупки запасных частей.

Кроме этого, рекомендуем работу с компанией

ООО «Вектор» в части обратного инжиниринга

запасных частей к импортному производству.

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Independent control of manufactured products at all stages of production

This is how a detail looks without flaws - we have no margin for error

High precision measurements

The workshop measuring instrument is checked regularly by a certified specialized organization with the issuance of certificates of accuracy.

The quality control department uses a new measuring instrument from a foreign manufacturer. We do not use PRC made tool.

Strict quality control by quality control engineers

Conducting incoming inspection of materials, interoperational control of the technological process, final inspection by all kinds of non-destructive methods. Inspection and control of manufactured products by the worker and the employee of the Quality Control Department occurs independently.

Cooperation with leading research institutes

LLC "Vector" conducts joint research with a leading research institute in the development of composite plastics, the search for the best solutions that are subsequently used in production.

Nothing extra

Packaging and preservation in accordance with GOST - excludes the ingress of metal shavings and other elements that cause scratches on the product, and also ensures its safety during transportation.

We work including tenders

Let's discuss your terms of reference and select a profitable solution (if necessary, we are ready to conclude a confidentiality agreement)

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